How you can select the best preschool curriculum

Selecting the best preschool curriculum can be a difficult task. According to studies, it is found that the education of preschool has a deep impact on the development of a child as it will decide how he or she will perform later on in life. Thus it is very important to select an appropriate curriculum for your child. The following steps can guide you in choosing the best preschool curriculum.

1.Enquire about informal and formal learning:-

Informal learning is essential for the early development of a child. You should ask the teachers whether they allow for imaginative play like story telling, where children can describe their own stories. You must enquire about the physical games such as running, ball games, etc. Formal learning is also vital for a child so that he or she can learn number counting and the alphabet.

2. Ask whether the philosophy of the school aligns with home values:-

You must make sure that there should be a defined learning style both at the preschool and at home in order to avoid conflict in the growth of a child. You must choose the philosophy that matches the interest of your child.

3. Notice how teachers interact with kids:-

When you go to visit preschool in Singapore, you must observe how the teacher and children interact with each other. If kids feel fear of the teachers then you should not select that nursery school. You can also ask about the strategy for child aggression like biting and hitting.

4. Safety policy:-

It is one of the most important things that you should look for. The teachers of the preschool must ensure that each child is picked up by his or her parent at the end of a day. You can also ask the staff how they handle medical issues and if they have proper first-aid kit.

5. Design of the curriculum:-

The design of the curriculum of nursery school must be made interesting so that kids can have great fun while learning new things. The art and craft activities must be included in the curriculum as this will make the child happy and he will be able to learn fast enough.

You can consider Montessori curriculum for your child as it is one of the best preschool curriculums. Your child will become responsible by following this curriculum. He will learn many things such as how to tie his shoes, why it is necessary to clean the surrounding area, etc. The preschool activities will also encourage the kids to express themselves verbally. The sensory awareness education will also be provided to children. The hands-on techniques are used for teaching geometry and mathematics.

You should also make sure that the teachers of preschool in Singapore are well-certified and have experience of many years before making final decision. There are many kids who need complete attention of the teachers so preschool should have a low teacher student ratio. A preschool must prepare your child for the exams of elementary school and also develop many skills in him or her.

Influence of Environment on Overall Growth of a Child

So many internal as well as external factors play an important role in the development and growth of a child. Understanding and analysing various aspects of surroundings will help you to ensure that your little kid will get better opportunities for overall progress. At a child care centre in Singapore, some experts try to ensure that potential threats on optimal development of young minds must be avoided or treated well otherwise these small issues will show their impact for long term.


The way parents or care takers treat a child; its impact can be directly observed on the growth and development of their mind. It is well proven that a supporting and loving environment generally helps a child to focus on effective learning as well as overall growth but on the other hand, a child who grows up in an unhealthy environment often has an angry nature with the feeling of ignorance. Parents or care takers must spend quality time with kids so that they can learn new things; availing praise and acceptance from surroundings will help a child to gain more confidence for routine life problem solving.


If you want to stimulate creativity in your children, then it becomes more important to expose them to various new things. Help them to find opportunities to learn new things, spend time on innovative games, arts and crafts, reading books beyond their school syllabus, etc. It will help to stimulate their mind with new ideas and soon they will be able to handle routine life problems with more confidence.


What your child eats will have a strong effect on his/her mindset; nutritional intake is one of the key factors for overall development of brain. The World Health Organization has proven that those who are lacking in nutrition level will not be able to grow up like other kids, so parents are advised to take special care of eating habits of children. Proper nutrition includes vitamin E, D, C and A, carbohydrates, magnesium, protein and calcium, etc.

Socioeconomic Status:

Families that have a good source of income or have adequate financing options are more likely to provide a healthy environment for the child’s growth. If parents have sufficient money then they can provide good food, toys and other cares to children without any trouble so that their mind can be perfectly stimulated. A good socio-economic status promotes positive thoughts in their young minds and it helps to repel negative vibes.

Pre schoolChildren who stay in a positive, motivating and inspiring environment are naturally more able to handle routine life problems with ease. Negativity of environment leads to interference with thought process development and the learning abilities of little kids. Child care centres in Singapore suggest letting kids grow in healthy, loving and friendly environment where they can feel surrounded with all the positivity. Parents must try to admit children into good preschools where teachers add more care to the overall development of individuals. From all studies related to child growth, it is observed that environment has a major impact on overall growth of the child so all related factors must be well-organised and maintained in order to ensure the healthy life of the child.