Most people prefer cupcakes to regular cakes because they contain fewer calories and are perfect for every event. Also, they make excellent presents. Presently, there are a lot of cupcake shops in Singapore that sell hunger-inducing cupcakes.

For your next big event try ordering cupcake instead of a regular cake. You will be happy you did. Also, if you are on a tight budget and you cannot afford a regular cake, cupcakes could be a good alternative.

When you visit any of the many cupcake shops in Singapore, you are likely going to be met with the challenge of choosing between the many delicious cupcakes that they sell. To pick a good one, you are likely going to have to do some research. 

The following article by expatliving shed light on some of the best cupcakes in Singapore.


Where can you find the lightest, fairest, most creative cupcakes of them all? We searched high and low to showcase some of Singapore’s tastiest cupcakeries. Read more here.

You likely now know some of best cupcakes in Singapore. But do you know where to get these special cupcakes? Do you know the best cup cakes shop Singapore has to offer? Granted, there are tons of places where you can get regular cupcakes in Singapore. But if you are looking for a unique cupcake or something different from others out there, then you may have to visit any of the best cake shops in Singapore.

The following article by foodline  unveils 10 of the best cupcake shops in Singapore.


Cupcakes are a must-have for every occasion! These small yet delightful treats bring smiles to both adults and kids alike and make perfect gifts for your loved ones. Read more here.

You surely now know 10 of the best cupcake shops in Singapore. So, if you are looking for a unique cupcake to send as a gift to a friend or loved one, then you should visit any of these highly rated cupcake shops. You certainly will agree that cupcakes will not command much effect at weddings or larger events, but a large elegant and beautiful cake will.

The following article by Felicia Tan and Cassandra Koh shed light on some 16 bakeries in Singapore where you can get Instagram worthy wedding cakes.


Wedding cakes from 16 local bakers that’ll get the cameras out at your reception. Read more here.  

You likely now know some 16 local bakeries where you can get Instagram worthy wedding cakes. You should never settle for anything less than the best on your wedding day. It is certainly the dream of every lady to have a great cake on their wedding day. Since great cake cannot be gotten at mediocre bakeries, it is important that you go to a reputable cake shop to get a cake for your big event.

Final note

Cupcakes are a must-have in every event. They are small, beautiful and delicious. Truth be told, cupcakes cannot take the place of regular cakes, but if you want to spice your event with something unique, then you should visit any of the popular cupcake shops in Singapore to get beautiful and delicious cupcakes.

Every lady wants a large and elegant cake on their wedding day. But getting a large cake that will make a statement is not really easy. 

To find a good cake shop that will be able to handle your cake needs in a unique way, you may have to do some research or visit any of the popular cake shops in Singapore.

Must Try Cheesecakes in Singapore


Must Try Cheesecakes in Singapore

One food that will always be there during celebrations and special occasions is cake. We have cakes during birthdays, graduation parties, welcome home parties, anniversaries, and several other special occasions. We have different kinds of cakes, but we all know that one of the bests is cheesecake. If you are a cheesecake lover then this is for you. We are going to share to you some of the best cheesecakes in Singapore that you will surely love.

Lady Iron Chef will give us ten cheesecakes in Singapore that we have to try.


Cheesecake is a universal favourite. However, you either love it or hate it. For us, cheesecakes are the kings of cakes and pastries. Nothing can beat cutting through a smooth and rich cheesecake, before hitting the crust base.

Recently, bakeries and restaurants have taken the liberty of infusing other flavours into this classic favourite. There are a few outstanding cheesecakes in Singapore that are totally worth getting fat for.

From cool flavoured cheesecakes to traditional ones, here is a list of the 10 Cheesecakes in Singapore You Must Try. Read more here.

Fantastic flavours will surprise you again in the cake shops mentioned above. We have flavours such as peanut butter, strawberry, maple, salted caramel, the classic one, and many more. Each shop has different opening hours so we have to watch out for that as well. Some are just open in the evening, while some are open from morning til evening. Catandthefiddle , one of the well know cheesecake shops in singapore  is also another example that offers many different flavours of cheesecakes.

Now, SARAH KHAN will give us ten additional cheesecakes to add to our list.

10 Cheesecakes in Singapore that will have you absolutely drooling

We have to concede: we have a weakness for cheesecakes. Lusciously creamy in texture, crowned with a beautifully golden top and finished with a buttery, crunchy graham cracker crust, it’s not hard to see why the dessert proves to be a constant crowd-pleaser.

While many assume that the cheesecake has its origins in New York, it actually dates back much further – in fact, as far as 4000 years ago in ancient Greece. Today, the world has seen various interpretations of the dessert, from classics like the New York or Boston Cheesecake, to Japanese-style renditions that are exquisitely, cotton-soft and fluffier in texture. Read more here.

            One of the cakes shown above is called Milo Dinosaur. Who would’ve thought that your local energy drink would be one delicious cheesecake? That is a must try. Other cakes have mixed ingredients like the Dark Chocolate Banana Cheesecake and the Matcha Yuzu Cheesecake. Pictures are also shown above which will surely make your mouth water.

Finally, SARA YAP will share to us five best cheesecake spots in Singapore.

5 best cheesecake spots in Singapore for 2017

From rainbow-hued desserts to pillowy soft Castella cakes and the recent resurgence of cheese tarts(thanks to the arrival of Japanese brand Pablo Cheese Tart here), 2017 has seen a number of food trends come and go. As we wait in eager anticipation for the next big thing to hit the local gastronomic scene, we’ve turned our attention to a classic dessert that’ll always remain in vogue: Cheesecake.

Typically made with cream cheese, ricotta or tofu, cheesecake has been favoured the world over for its fluffy texture and rich flavour. It can be prepared baked or unbaked (where the cake isn’t put in an oven, and is simply left to set in the refrigerator before being ready for consumption), and with bases ranging from digestive biscuits to crushed graham crackers and Oreo cookies. Read more here.

These are just five of the best and I really can’t wait to have a try on each of these cheesecake spots. Each spot offer us with a variety of flavours such as oreo, blueberry, caramel, chocolate, cheese, strawberry, and a lot more. One of the all-time favourites mentioned above is the Fickle Feline cake which has 10 slices in 10 different flavours. It is just like tasting 10 different cakes in one. Isn’t that amazing?

Out of all the cakes given above, which one is your favourite and which one will you definitely try soon? Anyways, all of them will surely satisfy your cravings so don’t worry about choosing because all is worth it.


Child care, kindergarten and nursery – What Is The Difference?

On many occasions parents use child care, day care, kindergarten and playgroup interchangeably. However, there is actually a difference in each of these and it is important to know what those differences are so that you know the care being provided to your baby or toddler lives up to your expectation. To make it easier for you to shortlist and find which of the institutions would best work for your baby, start by listing your expectations. Certain things such as the need for free play supervision, formal training, having a classroom within the premises or vicinity are some of factors to start with. Listed below is a quick glance of what each of these institutions offers to your child:

Child care – Also known as daycare or crèche, it is a facility where babies and toddlers stay under adult supervision. Staff in a child care will be trained and certified to take care of your child but may not be certified for a child’s development. Child care centers provide meals, snacks, diaper changes and naps to your child. The cost associated with these facilities is relatively lower as compared to others and operate for a longer duration of time.

Some full day child care facilities do have lessons and tasks that are completed in the afternoon. Availability of television for children, in-house cooks or tie-ups with external vendors or teachers for an hour or two may be done by the centers.

Kindergarten – Kindergartens usually work for around 3 hours and run pre-nursery, nursery, K1 ad K2 classes. You need to be sure before enrolling your child into a kindergarten as they do not provide services like meals and snacks. Activities focus on learning and child development objectives. The standard of activities and the expected output is substantially different when compared to those performed at child care centers. Kindergartens ensure that the continuity from pre-nursery and higher classes onward is maintained so that the child gets adjusted to the schedule and the educational concepts.

Nursery – A nursery school usually has a half-day curriculum. These schools usually don’t have accommodation for babies. When your toddler reaches around 18 months or 2 years of age, you can choose to enroll him in a nursery school. Meals are usually not provided by these schools. A lot of play time, sleep time and learning activities are incorporated in the entire day’s schedule.

Now that you have some information about each of these, you will realize that it is possible to choose between nursery, kindergarten, child care or playgroup Singapore as the best place to send your child where professionals focus on providing personal care and learning to your child.

Singapore’s One Kid At A Time Approach For Pre-School Education

The main aim of preschools around Singapore is to provide an environment where kids can learn and grow. Through games, kids should learn certain basic things before they start kindergarten. Singapore’s education system has been top-notch for the last few years and this has resulted in preschools becoming more advanced. Singapore has a good number of preschools and most of them have been successful at educating children through play. One of the reasons why the education system in Singapore is so advanced is because kids are given personal guidance on a one-on-one basis.

One-on-one approach

Preschools in Singapore believe that students need one-on-one coaching for proper development. There are preschoolers with special needs and this becomes particularly true for them. A personal approach in education helps teachers understand the needs of every child. In Singapore, the batches in every preschool are small and so it is easy for teachers to attend to the needs of each and every student on a personal level.

For children who require special needs, the one-on-one approach works best. It makes the child overcome his/her fear of performing a particular task.

The right curriculum

Along with personal guidance, it is very important for preschools to stick to a curriculum that suits everyone. If the curriculum is too fast-paced, children who are slow when it comes to learning lose out on the learning process. Similarly, if the curriculum moves very slowly, then children who are intelligent and can grasp knowledge faster than their peers lose interest. The curriculum should be built around the kids and not the other way around. One way of doing this is by observing kids on how they react to instructions.

The one-on-one approach and the right curriculum are two of the main reasons why preschools in Singapore are so good. The teachers are well trained and understand what every child needs. Every child has their own way of learning things. Proper attention and timing is important and preschool teachers in Singapore are very good at it.

Role of private tuition

According to recent statistics, almost 40% of preschoolers receive private tuition. They attend a minimum of two hours of private tuition per week. It is no wonder then that Singapore is doing so well in terms of education. Private tuition has completely changed the way students are generally taught and this has led to a rise in the number of bright students in Singapore.

Influence of Environment on Overall Growth of a Child

So many internal as well as external factors play an important role in the development and growth of a child. Understanding and analysing various aspects of surroundings will help you to ensure that your little kid will get better opportunities for overall progress. At a child care centre in Singapore, some experts try to ensure that potential threats on optimal development of young minds must be avoided or treated well otherwise these small issues will show their impact for long term.


The way parents or care takers treat a child; its impact can be directly observed on the growth and development of their mind. It is well proven that a supporting and loving environment generally helps a child to focus on effective learning as well as overall growth but on the other hand, a child who grows up in an unhealthy environment often has an angry nature with the feeling of ignorance. Parents or care takers must spend quality time with kids so that they can learn new things; availing praise and acceptance from surroundings will help a child to gain more confidence for routine life problem solving.


If you want to stimulate creativity in your children, then it becomes more important to expose them to various new things. Help them to find opportunities to learn new things, spend time on innovative games, arts and crafts, reading books beyond their school syllabus, etc. It will help to stimulate their mind with new ideas and soon they will be able to handle routine life problems with more confidence.


What your child eats will have a strong effect on his/her mindset; nutritional intake is one of the key factors for overall development of brain. The World Health Organization has proven that those who are lacking in nutrition level will not be able to grow up like other kids, so parents are advised to take special care of eating habits of children. Proper nutrition includes vitamin E, D, C and A, carbohydrates, magnesium, protein and calcium, etc.

Socioeconomic Status:

Families that have a good source of income or have adequate financing options are more likely to provide a healthy environment for the child’s growth. If parents have sufficient money then they can provide good food, toys and other cares to children without any trouble so that their mind can be perfectly stimulated. A good socio-economic status promotes positive thoughts in their young minds and it helps to repel negative vibes.

Pre schoolChildren who stay in a positive, motivating and inspiring environment are naturally more able to handle routine life problems with ease. Negativity of environment leads to interference with thought process development and the learning abilities of little kids. Child care centres in Singapore suggest letting kids grow in healthy, loving and friendly environment where they can feel surrounded with all the positivity. Parents must try to admit children into good preschools where teachers add more care to the overall development of individuals. From all studies related to child growth, it is observed that environment has a major impact on overall growth of the child so all related factors must be well-organised and maintained in order to ensure the healthy life of the child.

Tips To Help You Make Delicious Minced Pork Noodles

Pork noodles, also known as Zha Jiang Mian by the Chinese people, is a very popular delicacy in most homesteads in Asia today. However, the main ingredients for this delicacy still remain as the recipe shows. The good thing with this stir-fry is that you can cook in a matter of minutes; thirty minutes to be precise. Just to make it tastier, you can also use yellow bean or black bean sauce. Below is the procedure for making delicious minced pork noodles.

First, you need to get your ingredients right. The ingredients include one hundred grams of minced pork, fifty grams of green vegetables and one hundred grams of dried noodles. These amounts of ingredients can only serve one person. You therefore need to increase the quantities accordingly depending on the number of people you intend to serve. Apart from the ingredients, you will also need seasonings. These includes chopped ginger, chopped green vegetables, chicken essence, wet corn starch, salty bean sauce, cooking wine and oil.

Once you have your ingredients and seasoning ready, the next step is to heat the wok over high heat until it is hot. After heating, you need to add some oil and swirl to coat sides. After this, you can add the chopped ginger and green vegetables and fry for about thirty seconds or until fragrant. After which, you can add your minced pork and stir for another two to three minutes.

The next step is to add a little bit of water and boil over high heat for not more than three minutes. After the three minutes, you now need to add more ginger, green onion, cornstarch and chicken essence and then you wait for another thirty seconds.

At this stage, the dish are almost ready but you still have to do some work. Clean the pan and place it on high heat then add three bowls of water and wait for it to boil. Once it boils, you can add your noodles and wait for another three minutes. At this stage, you need to add the vegetables and wait for it to boil once more.

The last step is to ladle the minced pork prepared above and pour it over noodles. You should not cover the green vegetables in order to make it attractive.

As can be seen, preparing this kind of dish usually take a very short time. You can prepare it even when you are pressed for time. As long as you get your ingredients right, you should not have any problems.