Eye-opening reasons business owners in Singapore should consider getting a professional headshot

To succeed in business in Singapore, you have to satisfy the needs of your customers. This can mean everything from improving the quality of the product you offer to figuring out ways to address the complaints of your customers.

Even if you do these things, your business may not soar if your customers don’t trust you or have a clear picture of who you are.

One way to build trust and make your customers stop seeing you as a cold and lifeless business entity is by taking a professional headshot.

You see, when your customers see a professional photo of you on your website, they may feel more comfortable working with you.

Read on to learn other effective ways professional headshots can make your business grow to the next level.

The following article by Grace RiveraHannah ConcannonSarah Aagesen, and Carli Davidson explains how a professional headshot can help a business make a good first impression.

The art of the headshot

A successful headshot tells you who someone is. Unlike passports, driver’s licenses, or ID photos that simply show you what someone looks like, headshots need to convey more, like a subject’s attitude, character, and personalityRead more here.

After reading the above article, you likely now know a few things about professional headshots. You also now know some reasons why every business in Singapore and other parts of the world should consider taking professional headshots of their employees as well as their owners. Have you and your employees already taken a professional headshot? If yes, you should take a close hard look at it to see if it matches your brand. Read the next article carefully to learn if your present headshot is right for your business.

The following article by Kate Harrison sheds light on some tips that can help you check if your present corporate headshot is right for your brand.

Make Sure Your Headshot Matches Your Brand

A 2012 report from eMarketer found that 82% of consumers trust a company more — and 77 % are more likely to buy from a company — if the founder uses social media. Whether for a social profile or your company’s website, the quality and style of your headshot- Read more here.

As you likely saw in the above article, the quality, background, style of a head shot says a lot about a business. If the professional headshot of you andyour employees are poorly cropped and blurry, your customers may conclude that your company doesn’t pay attention to details and are sloppy. The article also unveiled some tips that can help your professional headshot turn out great like; having a confident posture, looking up, and staying up to date. If you plan on taking your professional headshot on your own, you should read the next article, as it brings to light some tips that can help you take better photos.

The following article by James Abbott is basically a how-to guide to taking professional headshots.

Headshot photography: how to take a professional portrait

Portraits come in a wide range of styles, and each type offers an important option for both professionals selling a service, and enthusiasts looking for creative ways to approach personal projects. The headshot is one of the most basic portrait crops available– Read more here.

The above article is a must-read for any business owner in Singapore who wants to take their professional headshot on their own. As can be seen in the article, there is a lot of things one has to do to ensure that a picture turns out great. Everything from the background to the lighting and camera settings should be carefully monitored. If you aren’t a professional photographer or have some sort of background in taking professional pictures, it will be difficult for you to take pictures that will send the right message about your business. Well, if that is the case, then you should seek the help of any of the many corporate photographers in Singapore.

Find out more about professional corporate headshots in Singapore here.

Final note

Regardless of the size of your business or the number of staff you have, it is wise that you take a professional headshot of yourself.

Doing this not only makes your customers trust you but will also help them see you as a living breathing entity.

Even if you have taken a professional head shot in the past, it is wise that you give it a second look to see if it matches with your business brand.