Must Try Cheesecakes in Singapore


Must Try Cheesecakes in Singapore

One food that will always be there during celebrations and special occasions is cake. We have cakes during birthdays, graduation parties, welcome home parties, anniversaries, and several other special occasions. We have different kinds of cakes, but we all know that one of the bests is cheesecake. If you are a cheesecake lover then this is for you. We are going to share to you some of the best cheesecakes in Singapore that you will surely love.

Lady Iron Chef will give us ten cheesecakes in Singapore that we have to try.


Cheesecake is a universal favourite. However, you either love it or hate it. For us, cheesecakes are the kings of cakes and pastries. Nothing can beat cutting through a smooth and rich cheesecake, before hitting the crust base.

Recently, bakeries and restaurants have taken the liberty of infusing other flavours into this classic favourite. There are a few outstanding cheesecakes in Singapore that are totally worth getting fat for.

From cool flavoured cheesecakes to traditional ones, here is a list of the 10 Cheesecakes in Singapore You Must Try. Read more here.

Fantastic flavours will surprise you again in the cake shops mentioned above. We have flavours such as peanut butter, strawberry, maple, salted caramel, the classic one, and many more. Each shop has different opening hours so we have to watch out for that as well. Some are just open in the evening, while some are open from morning til evening. Catandthefiddle , one of the well know cheesecake shops in singapore  is also another example that offers many different flavours of cheesecakes.

Now, SARAH KHAN will give us ten additional cheesecakes to add to our list.

10 Cheesecakes in Singapore that will have you absolutely drooling

We have to concede: we have a weakness for cheesecakes. Lusciously creamy in texture, crowned with a beautifully golden top and finished with a buttery, crunchy graham cracker crust, it’s not hard to see why the dessert proves to be a constant crowd-pleaser.

While many assume that the cheesecake has its origins in New York, it actually dates back much further – in fact, as far as 4000 years ago in ancient Greece. Today, the world has seen various interpretations of the dessert, from classics like the New York or Boston Cheesecake, to Japanese-style renditions that are exquisitely, cotton-soft and fluffier in texture. Read more here.

            One of the cakes shown above is called Milo Dinosaur. Who would’ve thought that your local energy drink would be one delicious cheesecake? That is a must try. Other cakes have mixed ingredients like the Dark Chocolate Banana Cheesecake and the Matcha Yuzu Cheesecake. Pictures are also shown above which will surely make your mouth water.

Finally, SARA YAP will share to us five best cheesecake spots in Singapore.

5 best cheesecake spots in Singapore for 2017

From rainbow-hued desserts to pillowy soft Castella cakes and the recent resurgence of cheese tarts(thanks to the arrival of Japanese brand Pablo Cheese Tart here), 2017 has seen a number of food trends come and go. As we wait in eager anticipation for the next big thing to hit the local gastronomic scene, we’ve turned our attention to a classic dessert that’ll always remain in vogue: Cheesecake.

Typically made with cream cheese, ricotta or tofu, cheesecake has been favoured the world over for its fluffy texture and rich flavour. It can be prepared baked or unbaked (where the cake isn’t put in an oven, and is simply left to set in the refrigerator before being ready for consumption), and with bases ranging from digestive biscuits to crushed graham crackers and Oreo cookies. Read more here.

These are just five of the best and I really can’t wait to have a try on each of these cheesecake spots. Each spot offer us with a variety of flavours such as oreo, blueberry, caramel, chocolate, cheese, strawberry, and a lot more. One of the all-time favourites mentioned above is the Fickle Feline cake which has 10 slices in 10 different flavours. It is just like tasting 10 different cakes in one. Isn’t that amazing?

Out of all the cakes given above, which one is your favourite and which one will you definitely try soon? Anyways, all of them will surely satisfy your cravings so don’t worry about choosing because all is worth it.