The Ultimate Guide for Amazing Couple Photoshoots

Are you looking for ideas on how to prepare your special photoshoot as a couple, without looking stiff or feeling like it was a staged performance? Well, why not do some of the ordinary stuff you do and let the photographer capture every moment. Social media is great, but it also comes with intense pressure, with most people looking forward to sharing some of the shots that they have taken. Take shots of you two doing natural everyday stuff like holding hands, playing, sharing a meal, walking, or even talking.

The following article in, the writer explores some of the most enticing couples photos that you should try.

Ideal Locations and Poses for Couple’s Photos

Your relationship and the whole camaraderie you share is always an exciting time for both you and your partner. Naturally, you want a couple photoshoot to commemorate the love and affection that you feel for your partner. As the special day in the calendar draws near, couple photography can allow you to capture the passion. Read more here

Instead of just posing for photos, you can make the process more fun by using the images you share to tell a story of your lives together, but without words. If you love nature and spend time hiking or having a picnic, you can go about your usual activity but invite a professional photographer to come along and conduct the couple photoshoot for you. You can even add some goofy shots, so that you enjoy your time together as a couple, as you take amazing shots. If you love the beach, have shots with the scenery behind you. There are so many ways to spice your photoshoot. You only need to be creative.

While some photoshoot settings fall under the ordinary, some are unusual, unexpected, or even shocking. Lim Bei Ling, in the following article, discusses some of the unique, extreme themes couples choose for their photoshoot.

Outrageous Eye-catching Couples Photoshoot

One of the biggest milestones in a relationship is getting married.

Leading up to the big day, we all worry about many different things from picking out the most auspicious wedding date to making sure you have the cutest wedding hashtag. And since you will be blowing your bank for that one special day, you will want everything to be perfect.

For one, your pre-wedding photos. Instead of splurging to fly overseas for the shoot, why not make your pre-wedding photos extra special by doing something outrageous(ly fun)? Read more here

Some couples have taken wedding and couple’s photos to a whole new level with themes that may be seen as creative by some, or ridiculous by others. Whatever the reaction, such shots get people to take a second look, and you never know, seeing couples take shots in a setting of their careers, or use themes of their favorite movies. This is an awesome way of showing some of the things that unite you as a couple.

In the following article, Tansey Tang shares some of the hidden locations in Singapore that make excellent backgrounds for couple photoshoots.  

Finding the Perfect Location for Your Photoshoot

Fool your friends into thinking you went overseas with these 20 beautiful pre-wedding shoot locations in Singapore! Whether you’re after lush greenery, a bit of adventure, or urban scenes, these unique engagement session spots are favourites of local photographers. Read more here

The location of your photoshoot makes a massive difference to how the images turn out. Although it is easier to choose an accessible location because the outcome is predictable, you should also consider the possibility of starting a new trend. Find some of the hidden, unknown sites in your area, ask your photographer what he or she thinks, and if there are no hindrances to you taking a couples photo session there, go for it! You might like the outcome and even introduce other couples to new aesthetic locations.

As you and your partner plan your pre-wedding, wedding, casual or anniversary shots, you should look at the locations and figure which one best suits you both. You should also consider the type of pictures you want and see the chosen venues influence the outcome.