Tips To Help You Make Delicious Minced Pork Noodles

Pork noodles, also known as Zha Jiang Mian by the Chinese people, is a very popular delicacy in most homesteads in Asia today. However, the main ingredients for this delicacy still remain as the recipe shows. The good thing with this stir-fry is that you can cook in a matter of minutes; thirty minutes to be precise. Just to make it tastier, you can also use yellow bean or black bean sauce. Below is the procedure for making delicious minced pork noodles.

First, you need to get your ingredients right. The ingredients include one hundred grams of minced pork, fifty grams of green vegetables and one hundred grams of dried noodles. These amounts of ingredients can only serve one person. You therefore need to increase the quantities accordingly depending on the number of people you intend to serve. Apart from the ingredients, you will also need seasonings. These includes chopped ginger, chopped green vegetables, chicken essence, wet corn starch, salty bean sauce, cooking wine and oil.

Once you have your ingredients and seasoning ready, the next step is to heat the wok over high heat until it is hot. After heating, you need to add some oil and swirl to coat sides. After this, you can add the chopped ginger and green vegetables and fry for about thirty seconds or until fragrant. After which, you can add your minced pork and stir for another two to three minutes.

The next step is to add a little bit of water and boil over high heat for not more than three minutes. After the three minutes, you now need to add more ginger, green onion, cornstarch and chicken essence and then you wait for another thirty seconds.

At this stage, the dish are almost ready but you still have to do some work. Clean the pan and place it on high heat then add three bowls of water and wait for it to boil. Once it boils, you can add your noodles and wait for another three minutes. At this stage, you need to add the vegetables and wait for it to boil once more.

The last step is to ladle the minced pork prepared above and pour it over noodles. You should not cover the green vegetables in order to make it attractive.

As can be seen, preparing this kind of dish usually take a very short time. You can prepare it even when you are pressed for time. As long as you get your ingredients right, you should not have any problems.